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What makes us different?


We look at the bigger picture, and not just the mortgage.

What are your goals in: 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, long term?

How long are you planning to live in your current home?

When do you want to be mortgage free?

What is more important, cash flow, ownership cost, or the repayment term?


We discuss your plans, what the future holds, and then take the time to match the best options for your personal requirements.


Your mortgage is likely your biggest debt, and your house your biggest asset. Today, more than ever before it is critical to look at the bigger picture and structure your next mortgage to match your personal needs.


Contact us today and start your journey with a solid plan to achieve your goals.


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Our lenders have mortgage solutions for every situation. 

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Anchor Mortgages has a 

Mortgage Solution for Everyone

Don't waste valuable time to shop around. We have access to 65 lenders and

only need one credit check limiting the impact to your credit score.

Let us do the shopping for you. 

We have solutions for:

 Residential MortgagesHome Equity Loans, and Commercial Mortgages.

Annually we negotiate millions of dollars and save tens of thousands of dollars for our clients.

Contact us today to learn what your options are.

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Voted the Top Independent Brokerage by Canadian Mortgage Professional (CMP). 

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